2022 |Tai O Heritage Hotel Steps Up Community Support with Complimentary Telemedicine Services
7 April 2022

Tai O Heritage Hotel has stepped up community support with the launch of Community Telemedicine Services in collaboration with the Hong Kong Association for Integration of Chinese-Western Medicine (Chinese Medicine), the Tai O Rural Committee, the YWCA Tai O Community Work Office and the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society. The complimentary, tailored services entail telemedical diagnoses by a panel of qualified Chinese medicine practitioners and customised decoctions for a three-day regimen delivered by Tai O Heritage Hotel staff and volunteers. The first phase of the tailored services, commenced on 21 March 2022, serves 300 people in Tai O and Lantau. Expansion of the tailored services is being planned to benefit more people and more districts.


Telemedicine has grown in popularity in recent years thanks to its convenience. It enables patients to access quality healthcare at their fingertips, it also reduces the hassles of travelling or gathering, which helps to contain the transmission of bacteria and viruses. Tai O Heritage Hotel staff and volunteers provide villagers with assistance in using the telemedicine services, including the provision of smart devices. The services have been well received, as they have proved to be particularly handy for the elderly and villagers living in rural areas or with mobility restrictions.


The Hong Kong Association for Integration of Chinese-Western Medicine (Chinese Medicine), led by Dr Wong Taam Chi Woon, Vivian, JP, is a strong advocate of integrating Western and Chinese medicine. Embracing the concept of zhi wei bing, meaning a process of ‘treatment prior to diseases’, the tailored services take a preventive approach focusing on one’s personal lifestyle to promote well-being. In addition to getting access to medical consultations, the telemedicine services help the villagers improve the immunity with customised traditional Chinese medical prescriptions. Decoctions for a three-day regimen are prepared at the central kitchen, and delivered to the telemedicine service users by Tai O Heritage Hotel staff and volunteers.


‘The Hong Kong Association for Integration of Chinese-Western Medicine (Chinese Medicine) upholds the social responsibility and belief of educating and supporting the community. The elderly group has been affected by the fifth wave of the epidemic seriously, complimentary telemedicine services help the elderly living in remote areas of Tai O and Lantau Island and those with mobility restrictions to seek medical treatment with hassle free. The programme involving various community partners to work together, is demonstrating the spirit of mutual aid on achieving the common goal,’ remarks Dr Wong Taam Chi Woon, Vivian, JP, Honorary President of Hong Kong Association for Integration of Chinese-Western Medicine (Chinese Medicine).


‘Tai O residents have been worried by the recent outbreak of pandemic, this platform, a first for Tai O and Lantau, is practical and useful, enabling residents in need to receive quality medical care conveniently. We sincerely appreciate all the care and support from Tai O Heritage Hotel,’ remarks Mr Siu-Ki Ho, Chairman of the Tai O Rural Committee.


‘This is my first time trying telemedicine services, many elderly people in Tai O like me, may not have any knowledge of using smart tablets or smartphones. With the friendly assistance from Tai O Heritage Hotel staff and volunteers, the consultation is very convenient and handy for us,’ comments Tai O resident Mr Muk-Chuen Leung.


‘The Community Telemedicine Services provide Tai O and Lantau residents with handy access to quality traditional Chinese medical consultation and customised prescriptions at their fingertips. We would like to thank the Hong Kong Association for Integration of Chinese-Western Medicine (Chinese Medicine) for the medical consultations to help the community stay healthy. Every effort counts as we combat COVID-19 as one united community,’ remarks Mr Daryl Ng, SBS, JP, Director of the Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation.


Tai O Heritage Hotel, converted from the Old Tai O Police Station completed in 1902 and designated as a Grade II historic building, seeks to preserve the historical significance of the architectural gem while working closely with the community to promote eco-tourism and support the neighbourhood since it opened doors in March 2012. Hong Kong Heritage Conservations Foundation initiated Tai O Stilt Houses Rehabilitation Programme in 2018. The programme aims to repair and restore Tai O stilt houses where needed, especially for the elderly villagers, to conserve the intangible cultural value of the village. The project has seen over 10 stilt houses restored since 2018.


Additionally, Tai O Heritage Hotel extended care to Tai O elderly villagers by presenting 120 anti-epidemic care packs on 10 March 2022, which include masks, face shields, disinfection supplies, vitamin supplements and soup packs.